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Plastic Film Testing Equipment For Checking Pvc Film, Pvdc Film, Bopp Film, Polyethylene Film, Lldpe And Ldpe Film Similarly All Types Of Films And Sheetings.

International Equipments are involved in manufacturing of plastic testing and laboratory equipment for films, tapes and adhesives. Most of the film testing equipments consists of COF (coefficient of friction for films), Tensile testing for films, Elongation testing for film, dart impact test on films, burst testing for films and corrugated boards, opacity tester for films for checking transparency and opaqueness, most of these testing equipment for films and laminates has wide applications and various types of films such as Mono layer films, 5 layer films, 7 layer films, laminates, PVC film, PVDC films, Bopp films, similarly these film testing instruments suffice the need of quality testing of these films.

Digital / Computerized Static and Kinetic coefficient of Friction Tester for checking plastic films and sheetings.
This static and kinetic friction tester manufactured as per ASTM D – 1894 is used to determine the static friction and dynamic friction also termed kinetic friction is used for plastic film and sheeting.

Single Screw Tensile Testing Machine
to check tensile test and elongation properties of poly films and laminates as per ASTM D - 638 / ASTM D – 882 of plastics

Tensile tester supplied by International equipments comes in different load frame and capacities such as 34 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, 225 kg.
Optionally one or two numbers of load cells can be simultaneously connected at one time with this tensile testing equipment
Total travel distance can be offered up to 1000 mm
“International equipments” offer various models such as Servo controlled models and Vector controlled models of universal testing equipment.

The above equipment also has facility to check compression, peel, bond, seal tests.

Digital Opacity Tester
to check the opaqueness / transperancy of plastic films, sheets as per different standards such as IS 4985 and IS 12235 (Part 3).

International equipments offer most of the equipment for testing pipes, films, injection and engineering plastics, material testing equipment, plastic testing equipment.

* Equipment with other capacities could also be supplied as per the requirement.
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