Computerised Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers

As per IS 4984 and IS 4985 to check the creep rupture of pipe when subjected to internal pressure under a specified condition.


  • Pressure range : 0 - 100 bar*.
  • No. of stations : 8 nos.
  • Pressure input : Through compressed air having pressure upto 5 kg/cm.sq
  • Pressure output: through hydro-pneumatic pump.
  • Time range : 0 - 999.9 hours.
  • Panel mounting : Trolley with castor wheels.
  • Paint : Powder coated.
  • Power : 230 Volts, 50Hz, single phase.
  • Direct display through MMI : Set pressure, Actual pressure, Set time, Actual time, Set temperature and Actual temperature.
  • Graphic display and printout through PC : In addition to the above values Pressure & Temperature Vs Time graph could be obtained for any station by attaching a printer to the PC.

* Equipment with other capacities could also be supplied as per the requirement.