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 Tensile Testing

  Universal Testing Machine (BOTH OPTIONS SERVO & VFD)

  • Highly accurate position control with high range of speed
  • Accurate start and stop instanatly using 32 bit microcontroller
  • Four line and 20 characters controller with multiple features
  • Automatic calculation of modulus @different strains selectable
  • Multi unit display in Kg, pound, Newton mm, cm, inch selectable
  • Direct display on controller and numeric printout facility
  • Safety norms of over load in auto as well as manual mode
  • Safety norms of over travel in auto mode.
  • Tests preprogramming facility for Tensile, Flexural, Peel, Bond, Compression, Cyclic endurance based on load, travel, time
  • Data lock for calibration and master controlled parameters

  Types of gripers for Universal Testing Machine

Flexural Fixtures
Three Point Bending

Self Tightening Grips
For Virgin Polymers

Compression Plates

Heavy Duty Grips For Polymer Filled Compounds

Flexural Fixtures Self Tightening Grips

Compression Plates

Heavy duty Grips
  Rubber Paaded
  Polyfilm Grips
Yarn Grips Wave Type Grips For Fabrics And Tapes Syringe / Sliding Force Measurement Fixtures
Polyfilm Grips Yarn Grips

* Equipment with other capacities could also be supplied as per the requirement.

Computerized twin screw universal testing machine to determine properties Of tensile & elongation as per astm d 638 & compression as per astm d 695 with auto stop, auto reverse facility & direct display of result through 32 bit micro controller having 4 lines and 20 character display. this equipment is suitable to check properties of tensile, elongation, flexural (three point bending), compression tests on polymers, compounds, composite materials, fibre reinforced plastics (frp) and polymeric materials.
Load capacity: Various different capacities can be offered up to 5000 kg.
No. of load cell: Optional One or Two. 
Cross Travel: up to 1000 mm
Facility of full scale elongation as well as Extensometer gauge length elongation (OPTIONAL)
Horizontal day light: 450mm
Speed: Variable between 0.5mm/minute to 800mm/minute depending on model. 
Paint: Powder coated. 
Power: 230 Volts, 50Hz, single phase. 
All results such as Peak load, Elongation at Peak load, Break load, Elongation at break load, % elongation at Peak, % elongation at Break, Tensile strength at Peak, Tensile strength at Break, Flexural stress, Compression Strength, Secant Modulus, Tangent Modulus & Flexural Modulus are directly displayed on Microcontroller as well as through PC software.


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